Thursday, 17 November 2016

BMECS 2016

This year was my First BMECs. It was hosted in September, and I was beyond excited to show at it. To be able to show your horses have to have qualified 1st or 2nd in a qualifying show. You are then able to enter them in the class they qualified in at BMECs. I decided as it was my first year I would only show in the performance section.
I was hoping that maybe I would get one placing, that was my goal for the day, as I knew it would be really tough competition.

We drove up to Leicestershire night before BMECs and found out hotel. At this point I was crazy excited and nervous about showing, but I was looking forward to seeing my friends again.

We arrived at the hall saturday morning, and it was a huge venue. I was so nervous now, but i just wanted to unpack and finish tacking up all my horses ready to get them in the ring. I was really happy to find I was sitting by Zoe. I also had a massive table, its like they knew I had so much stuff ;) This made setting up much less stressful!

I took at total of ADD NUMBEr entries.
The first class for me was Cross Country, I have to say I was most nervous for this class as my best showing horse was in it. Divine Justice, my Extreme Justice II resin. I also had 2 other entries in this class, my stablemate jumping the badminton trucks, and my copperfox fabio aka BlockBuster jumping the boats.
I nervously sat and waited for the class to be judged. I was shocked to find not only had Divine Justice won the class, but BlockBuster came 2nd and Bella 3rd. I had a clean sweep. This was beyond what I had hopped for and it was only the first class.
Divine Justice 1st

Divine Justice 1st in Cross Country

BlockBuster 2nd in Cross Country
Dancing Bells 3rd in Cross Country
I then showed Picasso in the Show jumping class. This was a really competitive class and I was not expecting anything, however, he some how managed to win this class, I was so shocked and happy I could not believe it.

Picasso 1st in Show Jumping
Up next was Pony Club Games. In this I had Yolk-isant III doing Egg and spoon race. I was excited about this entry as I love it so much. He came first in this class
Yolk-isant III came 1st in Pony Club Games

I then had In hand showing, I had Mother of Dragons and Somerset Daze in this class. Mother of Dragons came 1st which both shocked and delighted me, and Somerset Daze came 5th.
Mother Of Dragons 1st, In hand showing

Somerset Daze, 5th

Hells and Bells Photo Show

Last Month I entered a Photo Show. It was the first real one I have entered and I only put in a few horses.
I was so happy the other day when the results came in!

DJS Yolk-isant III came 1st in English Performance, doing XC

DJS Snowdonia got 3rd in Other Performance, doing In hand showing

DJS SnowBird came 4th in Other Performance, doing hacking

DJS Tormenta Del Diablo came 2nd in Spanish Breed

DJS Mother of Dragons came 1st in Prettiest Horse. Which made me so happy as she also got a place Judges favourite list.
Very happy with my ponies, I know I have a lot to improve with my photo taking, but as a last minute thing I happy with how it turned out.
Thank You to the judges and hosts this was a great Photo show! Looking forward to the Christmas one.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

DJS Archangel's Dance

Show Name: DJS Archangel's Dance
Barn Name: Arch
Breed: British Appaloosa Sport Horse
Finish: CM Deb Brown
Model: Breyer Totilas
Joined Collection: 2013

UHH Newcommers: To Be confirmed

Models For MacMillian: Dressage 1st

Monday, 8 August 2016

Photo Time

Finally Getting around to photographing my collection. This is something i want to do for my collection records, and for photo showing.
Yesterday was the first step in the right direction.

So i set up my little studio and started...
DJS Venus

DJS Hera's Heaven

DJS Oceanus

Inspirations Live 2016 Part 1

Here are some photos from the show. I had such an amazing day, got to see friends and make new ones. Also went with Beth and we shared 2 tables, it was so much fun having her with us, we had a blast!
Our Table

Enjoy some photos by Beth of my entries :)

Inspirations Live Results 2016

Inspirations Live Results
BMECs Qualifier (Placings 1-5)
Performance Champions do not go into Supreme
August 6th 2016

2. Show Jumping And Working Hunter: DJS Picasso - 3rd (SJ)
                                                             DJS Guess's Gift - 2nd (WH)

3. Cross Country: DJS BlockBuster - 1st
                             DJS Dancing Bells - 2nd
                             DJS Yolk-isant III - 3rd

4. Dressage: DJS Dancing With Shadows - 2nd

5. Pony Club: DJS Yolk-isnat III - 1st (Egg and Spoon)
                       DJS Bella - 3rd (Flag Race)

9. Western Other Arena Events: DJS Venus - 1st (Arena Trail)
                                                    DJS Avalanche - 5th (Barrel Racing)

12. Other Costume: DJS Ratnakar - 3rd (Marwari)
                           DJS Tormenta Del Diablo - 4th (Portuguese)

13. Other Performance: DJS Dream Team - 1st
Championship: DJS Dream Team - Reserve Champion

Original Finish:

23. Other US non Gaited: DJS Ares - 1st
                                          DJS Don't Hold Back - 5th

24. Spanish: DJS Tormenta Del Diablo - 1st
                     DJS Caliente - 4th

25. Warmblood: DJS Imperial Rising - 5th

26. Sport Horse: DJS Hera's Heaven - 1st

30. Perturbed Horse: DJS Helios Del Sol - 5th

31. British Native: DJS Malibu - 2nd

34.  PartBredPony: DJS British Bertie - 5th

Custom Finish:

47. Other US Non Gaited: DJS Beginners Luck - 3rd

49. Warmblood: DJS Perseus's Shadow - 1st

50. Sport Horse: DJS Asterias's Star - 5th

52. Other Pure European: DJS Arrived at Last - 2nd

54. Partbred Horse: DJS Persephone - 1st

60. Donkey/Mule/Exotic: DJS Sugar Cube - 1st

Custom and Original Finish Artist Resin:

64. Thoroughbred: DJS Venus - 2nd

71. US Non Gaited: DJS Run From The Heart - 2nd

72. Spanish: DJS Mother Of Dragons - 1st

73. Warmblood: DJS Mnemosyne's Memories -2nd
                           DJS Divine Justice - 3rd
                           DJS Guess's Gift - 4th

77. Other Pure Horse: DJS Phoenix Rising - 4th

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Gentle Giants

Today we visited the Heavy Horse Centre at Hay Farm, Northumberland. It was amazing! They have rare breed heavy horses such as the Clydesdale. We saw, not just the horses, but their tack, and the carts and carriages that they used to pull.
I took so many reference pictures, and just had a fabulous day!

Valda was a beautiful mare, who was 18 years old. She was pregnant, her foal due next March.

These two beauties were being wild and free in the field

This beautiful dappled boy was one of my favourites too! Well, I loved them all!

These two young ones shared the field, some beautiful colours on these horses!

My Favourite picture of the day

Another one of the horses from inside, a pure bred Clydesdale!