Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hells and Bells Photo Show

Last Month I entered a Photo Show. It was the first real one I have entered and I only put in a few horses.
I was so happy the other day when the results came in!

DJS Yolk-isant III came 1st in English Performance, doing XC

DJS Snowdonia got 3rd in Other Performance, doing In hand showing

DJS SnowBird came 4th in Other Performance, doing hacking

DJS Tormenta Del Diablo came 2nd in Spanish Breed

DJS Mother of Dragons came 1st in Prettiest Horse. Which made me so happy as she also got a place Judges favourite list.
Very happy with my ponies, I know I have a lot to improve with my photo taking, but as a last minute thing I happy with how it turned out.
Thank You to the judges and hosts this was a great Photo show! Looking forward to the Christmas one.

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