Monday, 29 June 2015

My New Blog

This is my new blog for my model horse collection, and the tack I make.
At the moment I am finding it hard to keep track of all my horses and how they do at shows, therefore I want to have a record of this. I will also put up pictures of the different tack I am making and what sort of things I am creating.
I may also share pictures of different pieces of art that I am working on, especially the horsey ones......if you have any questions let me know, hopefully I can help answer the :)

I have been collecting model horses for about 12 years, when I feel in love with the breyers in the local toy store when I was 6. The more recently I have become more interested in showing and trying to create a collection with some of the pieces I have always wanted. I collect AR, OF and CM. I also make some of my own tack as and when i find a need for it. But I make all of my own props because I find it is easier and then I can get them just how I want them.

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