Monday, 10 August 2015

Flying Freedom

Last summer I attended the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo for the second time. It is an amazing model horse show in the UK, because it was the second year that I went, I wanted to make more of my own props and really try and push the boat out.
I started to look up different horse jumps to which I could base my designs on. I came up with five designs. 3 that I was making as spare and use as and when I need them. 1 for my Jigsaw resin. 1 for wyatt.

This is Wyatt jumping over my simple purple jump, I was not expecting much as it was my first time showing show jumping and only my second live show. But I went out and set it up to my best ability. I was so shocked when it went through to win the class.... Then to win Performance Champion, it was like a dream coming true. Therefore I was so proud to have made my own jump and for it to do well!

This is my jigsaw resin Picasso, it was my first time showing Picasso so there where a few things that I needed to fix after some advice from the judge. However I was so pleased with it because he qualified from the British version of NAN!! 
shocking photo sorry! I was trying to get everything ready!

This is my favourite jump that I have made! I had help with the woodwork from my dad, and mum and I arranged the flowers.

Here is the last remaining jump that I own of the 3 spare I made. I have sold the other two and this one is now available.  This was my favourite out of the 3, its a rearing black horse pictured on each side of the wings. It comes with 2 Jump cups, as well a 4 poles, so you can change up the entry. 

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