Monday, 4 July 2016

Copperfox Tour Shropshire Part 1

My second show of the year was on June 12th, straight after my last exam at Uni on 10th, my family picked me up on the 11th and we packed all of my things and travelled to Shropshire. The weather was, in true British form, raining! We packed in the rain and unpacked in it.
Models all packed

Staying close by for the night, the next morning we drove to the hall. I was so excited to show at this one. The weather was still raining when we got to the hall.

Good Old English Weather 

 It was not a BMECs qualifier, however, that did not matter because I was going to see some friends, as well as getting to see the Copperfoxes in person. Which I totally fell in love with!

I had Pre Ordered Superman and I was showing him in Cross Country at the show. But I was unsure of who else I should get!

I wanted Bertie, as he was the tour stop model, so I had to get him really!

Beautiful Bertie

I then wanted one of the connies, I thought I would get Marble, however I fell in love with Cadno!

So I soon had 3 Copperfoxes to add to my collection which i was so happy about! However as the day progressed I needed up with another :)

My new ponies :) who is that mystery pony I wonder 

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