Monday, 4 July 2016

Copperfox Tour Shropshire Part 2

The live show went even better than I could have even imagined! As it was an OF Plastic and CM by owner only show,  I took horses that are not normally in my show string. So I was not really expecting much.
My Showing Table
The first class up was and that was English Performance, I had my Copperfox Superman in this class doing Cross Country- DJS BlockBuster.

DJS BlockBuster, Ready for his Cross Country Class
 DJS BlockBuster Took 1st Place in the class, I was so delighted! I could not believe it as it was a big class and I had mad everything my self!

Next It was Western Performance, I chose to enter Barrel Racing with DJS Avalanche into this class. I was not expecting much as I had painted him myself and had yet to actually finish him.
However he did me proud and came 2nd, so I was one happy girl.

Other Performance was up next, and I entered my Skijoring set up which always seems to do well! (DJS Black Magic) was  It won this class. I also entered it in the Tack by owner class which it came 2nd in which i was pleased with. I need to re make the bridle as it is quite old, but thats something to add to my very long to-do list.

I had my mounted police in the scene class, where it got highly commended. 

It was then the performance championship, in which DJS Black Magic and DJS BlockBuster were qualified for. DJS BlockBuster won Performance Champion, I was amazed ! He then went on into the supreme at the end of the show, which I was excited for!

I had OF breyers in the next 15 classes,  I was really pleased with how they all did and here are some pictures from those classes...
DJS Born to Dance - 4th
DJS Ares - 5th
DJS Oceanus - 4th
DJS Tormenta Del Diablo - 2nd
DJS Hera's Heaven - 3rd
DJS Roman Warrior - 2nd
DJS Imperial Majesty - 5th

I also entered my Uni-Gon set up in fancy Dress and it won that class I was very happy!

Then the Supreme Championship came about, and I was so nervous and was not expecting to get a placing in it, as I was already so happy with how DJS BlockBuster had done

However, when Becky was placing out the Supreme, and Reserve Supreme champion prizes, Glossy Marble for Supreme and Glossy Cadno for Reserve, she placed MARBLE by DJS BlockBuster! MEANING I HAD WON SUPREME CHAMPION!

I was so happy and shocked, I could not believe it! Thank You so much Copperfox,  Becky, and everyone who was there for making it an AMAZING day! I wish i could have gone to more tour stops, but this was truly a great day!
Mum and I had a great time talking to people, particularly Zoe and Gale in our little corner of the room, but meeting all these new people who have the same passion as i do was so much fun.
Cant wait for the next show and seeing everyone again!

So yes, my 4th Copperfox I got that day was GLOSSY MARBLE, so proud to add her to my collection, can't wait to add more copper foxes!

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