Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ponies On Tour Part One

The Journey

I have been meaning to write this for months so really happy I am finally getting to it.
For the 2015/2016 new year I went on holiday to Venice, Italy. I thought it would be neat to document my trip with ponies, so I took with me some stablemates meet Savanna and Atlas.

So we left the house to drive to the airport 4 hours away, and of course it was raining! Like always in England.
Ready For Our Adventure

We dropped my Dog at the kennels, and guess what? STILL RAINING

Atlas was not impressed with this weather! But at least we are in a warm, dry car.
Savanna was ready to get this road trip started
Yep, now the motorway is standstill, great! 

FINALLY we made it to the hotel, and went down and had a great meal! I was ready to get up super early for our flight. Time we all bedded down for the night

 The next morning we were up early and got on the plane.

Atlas was pleased to finally be on the plane and was ready to arrived in Italy

Savanna reading up on the safety procedures
Lunch Time :)

We Landed in Marco Polo airport, finally in ITALY whoop whoop!

Off to passport control we good
Atlas getting our bags from the carrousel

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