Monday, 4 July 2016

Models For MacMillan Results

Back in March I went to Models For MacMillan, and while I am writing up about that show and finding the pictures, I thought a good place to start would be to show my showing results. Was such as amazing day and so proud of my babies!

1. Scene  - Skijoring- DJS Black Magic1st
                - Lunging- DJS Green Eyed Goddess 3rd
2. Dressage - DJS Archangel 1st
3. Cross Country - DJS Divine Justice 1st
4. Show Jumping - DJS Picasso 1st
6. Showing Ridden/ In Hand -  DJS Venus 1st
9. Western Performance - Barrel Racing - DJS Andromedas Arrow  4th
                                       - Team Pole Bending - DJS Applause, DJS Armed 'n Dangerous 2nd

Performance Championship
Champion - DJS Divine Justice
Reserve Champion - DJS Picasso
Reserve to Reserve - DJS Black Magic

Original Finish Plastic
1. Arabian - DJS Born To Dance 2nd
4. Warmblood - DJS Imperial Majesty 1st
6. Spanish - DJS Tormenta Del Diablo 3rd
10. Mustang and Feral - DJS Ares 3rd

Custom Plastic
4. Warmblood - DJS Perseus 3rd
5. Sports Horse - DJS Persephone 3rd
                          - DJS Astrias's Star 6th
22. Donkey - DJS Sugar Cube 3rd
24. Youngstock - DJS Angel Star 1st

Custom Championship
Reserve to Reserve - DJS Angel Star

Artist Resin/ China OF and CM
3. Thoroughbred - DJS Venus 3rd
4. Warmblood - DJS Mnemosyne's Memories 6th
6. Spanish - DJS Mother Of Dragons 2nd

Supreme Championship 
Supreme Champion - DJS Divine Justice

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