Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Pretty In Pink Performance Results

Date: 2nd July 2016

English Performance
1. Show Jumping - DJS Picasso 3rd
2. Cross Country - DJS Divine Justice 1st
                            - DJS BlockBuster 2nd
3. Working Hunter - DJS Guess's Gift 1st

Fences Championship
Reserve - DJS Divine Justice

6. Dressage - DJS Dancing With Shadows 4th

15. Other English Performance - DJS Jiminy Cricket 1st

Other English Championship
Champion - DJS Jiminy Cricket

English Championship
Reserve To Reserve - DJS Jiminy Cricket

Western Performance
24. Other Western Games - DJS Avalanche 3rd
28. Arena Trail - DJS Venus 2nd

Other Performance
34. Fancy Dress - DJS Selene 1st

42. In Hand Horse - DJS Mother Of Dragons 2nd
                              - DJS Venus 3rd
43. In Hand Pony - DJS Somerset Daze 1st
45. Any Other Performance - DJS Dream Team 1st
                                              - DJS Black Magic 2nd
                                              - DJS Mother Of Dragons 5th
Other Championship
Reserve - DJS Dream Team

Tack Appreciation
61. Show Jumping - DJS Guess's Gift 1st
62. Cross Country- DJS Divine Justice 2nd
                             - DJS BlockBuster 3rd

English Tack Championship
Reserve to Reserve - DJS Guess's Gift

68. Western Games - DJS Avalanche 1st

Western Tack Championship
Champion - DJS Avalanche

75. Other Tack Styles - DJS Dream Team 2nd
                                    - DJS Skijoring 3rd

Tack Appreciation Championship
Reserve - DJS Avalanche 

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