Monday, 4 July 2016

Models For MacMillan

The first show I went to this year was Models For MacMillan. It took place in march so this show report is so overdue!
I had the most amazing day, it had been my first proper live show and I was so nervous, however, it could not have gone any better.

Performance was up first..

DJS Divine Justice was 1st in Cross country, and went on to win Performance Champion
DJS Picasso got 1st Place in Show Jumping, he went on and won Reserve Performance Champion

DJS Black Magic won 1st in Scene, and my Lunging got 3rd, she then won Reserve to Reserve performance Champion
DJS Archangel 1st Dressage
DJS Venus won 1st Place in Showing Ridden/ In Hand

Out of the 8 performance entries i entered, 6 won BMECs Cards, 5 came First and the other 2 placed 3rd and 4th. That I feel was a very successful first open performance section, I was so very very proud. And then to win, Performance Champion, Reserve and Reserve to Reserve, I was so shocked!. That meant Picasso and Divine Justice were to go into the Supreme Championship at the end of the show.

Then after all the excitement of performance I had OF Plastic, Custom Plastic and OF/ Custom Artist resin to do. I entered a mix of the classes, I did not have many horses in these sections. But here are some of the pictures from them.

OF Plastic
DJS Imperial Majesty - 1st Warmblood 

DJS Tormenta Del Diablo - 3rd Spanish 

DJS Born to Dance - 2nd Arabian 

DJS Ares - 3rd Mustang and Feral
Artist Resin

DJS Mnemosyne's Memories-  6th Warmblood

DJS Mother Of Dragons - 2nd Spanish
DJS Venus - 3rd Thoroughbred

Custom Plastic 

DJS Angel Star
DJS Angel Star won his class and came Reserve to Reserve in CM devision

Supreme Championship

DJay and Picasso were all ready for the Supreme Championship, I was so nervous, however i did not need to be. 

Day won Supreme Champion! I was amazed as the competition was so tough, there were so many amazing artist resins and other horses there, and the championship was HUGE. I was so proud of my self as it was my first proper show!

DJay and I 

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