Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pretty In Pink Performance Part 1

Date: 2nd July 2016

I was so excited and nervous for this show, as it was an all performance show.  I had 13 entries I think and every single one placed which I was so happy about! I came back with 10 BMECS cards, and 6 ribbons, which made me really proud of my ponies!

I showed a range of performance entries, as well as tack appreciation entries.
It was such a well run show and it all went so smoothly.
I think everyone there can agree on which part of the day was the most entertaining, as everyone was hysterical laughing! The novice performance consisting of 3 very competitive entrants was the funniest thing I have ever watch at a show. It all started very calmly but soon became a mass of um well ... inventive? entries.... one including a big rubber duck. To quote someone at the show "if all shows are this fun, I can't wait to go to more". It was a great day of everyone interacting and just enjoying plastic ponies.

Here are some of my entries...

This was Guess's first time out in the show ring since she moved from AUS to me in the UK, as a gift from her sculptor and Mum Carol Warwick! Who is amazing, I am ambassador Team Carol Warwick UK, as I have her Jigsaw resin Picasso as well. If you want a Guess Resin, which you should get because a) who does not need a jumping resin! b) They are beautiful and really versatile, then contact Carol. She has a FB Page. Just send her a quick message and say Harriotte sent you, and she will sort you something out!
DJS Guess's Gift won the Working Hunter class, so in love with the Jump I made her.

DJS Picasso came 3rd in his class. With his Picasso jump that I made.
DJS Divine Justice doing XC, He won his class and then Reserve fences Champ which made me really proud! He now has two BMECs cards :)

I have never shown arena trail, or really that much western before. However, I really wanted a pretty entry. So dad and I set about making the rope gate, which I painted a soft pink and light grey. I thought it would go well with Venus but also look pretty. I then matched the flowers to this, to tie it all together. 
Then I asked Mum to make me a western outfit and she made this wonderful light pink one, which i embellished with diamonds. So so so happy with how it looks! I then used a Denise Berrill saddle and  made a pad and bridle, completing the set up. 

DJS Venus in the Arena Trail class, getting 2nd place

Venus went into two classes, I never really do this as I find it so stressful but once she had done arena trail i thought why not! So in between other classes I made her a quick in hand showing bridle which worked well enough to get her 3rd! While Khaleesi came second and earned a BMECs card. Was very proud of my girls :)
DJS Venus in the in hand class

Khaleesi was entered into two classes too. The in Hand where she came 2nd, which i was so proud of, then the any other performance class where she came 5th. And my Dream team came 1st, Skijoring came 2nd. This was such a great moment, so proud of my babies!

DJS Dream team, doing their trick roman riding, winning there class and getting reserve champ

DJS Mother Of Dragons in her set up

DJS Black Magic, skijoring across the ring and snatching 2nd

The sassy queen getting her photo taken

DJS Mother Of Dragons coming 2nd in her in hand class

 I was so shocked with my Mounted Police set up. As at Copperfox he did not place, but came Highly commended. Here he won his class, became section champion and then reserve to reserve english! I was so proud of him :)
DJS Jiminy Cricket with his winnings
 One of my favourite entries is my Uni-Gon set up, a fancy dress entry of a mom and daughter at pony club. It did me proud again winning its class. I adore this horse as of course its on the Giselle old, so I love it when my GGs do well!

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